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Thursday, December 23, 2010

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Play the Advantage is looking for people to contribute to our blog with articles and other content. It can be anything football related. We will post your thoughts, pictures and videos ect...

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Anonymous said...

Proposed Madrid Transfer

Rival Liverpool have agreed to forfeit one of their key and fundamental players. The news of Adrian Agus's transfer however was not suprising. His recent dash in the limelight has been, for what some would say, 'all the wrong reasons'. The scandals continue to surface and inflict reputational damage on the once extremly successful football club. Agius forcefully denies the allegations, claiming they are 'innapropriate and unnecessary'. However in a recent interview with PTA reporter Giu Blomioff, Agius stumbles when his questioned of the reason of his, lack of a better word, 'forced' transfer. He reaches the conclusion that, '...I believe... the fact that I have a cheese-wagon has driven me out off the club'. This news was not suprising due to the high definition cameras employed by the camera crew.

The transfer was unrealisticly priceed at 1,000,000 pretzils and was eagerly paid by the Liverpool's acting manager, Plz Blomiof.

by alex novo

Anonymous said...

the comment above it excellent

by chris di bello

Anonymous said...

cheese wagons taste excellent... like the comments above

by chris di bello

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Sean Caden & I am a very good friend of Paul Frederickson & have co-contributed an article previously & have co-hosted Songs & Goals on Logan 101 FM this year.
I would be Very keen to contribute articles to the blog.
Having nearly 40 years experience in football in Europe & Australia I feel I could make a great contribution to the blog.


Sean Caden

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