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Play the Advantage - Disability Awareness Day

Monday, June 27, 2011

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In the past football has proven to be a way in which people can be brought together. In August, Play the Advantage will run its first ever Disability Awareness Day for children in the Sydney area. PTA hopes that this day will bring children with a range of disabilities together in one place to get out and get active.

We would ask that if you are interested in supporting the day (volunteer or equipment) to contact me at Also if you know of any children or schools which would attend a day please also contact me.

As well as this Play the Advantage is aiming to get a barbecue up and running for the children who attend the day, although this can only be run on donations as we do not make a profit from running the site! If you are interested in donating please contact us at

Place - St Patricks College Strathfield -

Date + Times - We understand that your clubs play weekend fixtures and that during the week children attend school. So we am willing to negotiate the dates.

What to bring - Boots or Sandshoes and a pair of shin pads. We will supply all the balls and equipment for the day. I will be supported in coaching by fellow students volunteering their time. You may bring food to eat as we will have regular rests, but currently we are looking at organising a few snacks and perhaps a sausage sizzle - the only issue at the moment is being able to fund a barbecue. Don't forget water, but we will have bubblers and water on site for anyone who runs out or needs more.

How Many Spots Available: If we apply the ratio of 1 coach per every 2 or 3 children attending we can cater for 30-45 at any one time. If it so happens that there are more than 30-45 who are willing to come, We am more than happy to run either two separate days, or more than one session on one day (different times)

We would appreciate if you could get back to us regarding your stance on the day. We appreciate the fact that many of the children live a fair way away from Strathfield, but I don't want to limit who can attend. For those of you interested feel free to ask questions, I will get back to you asap!

Contact -
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Zairi Faiezil said...

Football game not only to pursue the victory, but can do his charitable activities like doing. I fully support the

Anonymous said...

Everyone enjoyed the game. The real winners are the people with developmental disabilities as beneficiaries.

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