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United Out Classed and out played handsomely

Thursday, June 2, 2011

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Well, after the champions league final one thing is for sure. The one who invented the saying ‘’History repeats itself ‘’ was much wiser than the one who came up with the ‘’lightening’’ never strikes twice proverb. A 3-1 score line may not represent the complete domination and decimation of the Red Devils at the hands of the Catalans but for those who watched the game, they know that it was one way traffic throughout the whole game.

It was a desolating Man Utd performance but unlike Rome, 2 years ago at least they can hold their heads up high. The whole team failed to show up that day but at Wembley, at least they came back from a goal down. Tactically, Sir Alex did get some of his decisions all wrong. Giving that much time and space to a team of Barcelona‘s caliber given that how ruthless they can be, was absolutely cynical. No one could deny the fact that United‘s midfield duo of Carrick and Giggs lacked the legs you need to counter waive after waive of immense pressure. But I sincerely believe that there‘s nothing you can do when Barcelona are on song. When they play like they did at Wembley , they are unstoppable. Fergie could have opted to play five in the midfield in order to meet Barcelona‘s panache with physical strength but Fergie is not Mourinho. In a cup final, you have to go there with a positive frame of mind to win. As compared to Inter Barca encounter last year , Inter had a two goal cushion to sit upon something that United never had at their disposal. For the first 10 minutes, United were cruising. Park was running around keeping Messi and co quiet but as soon as Pedro scored the first goal, you could almost sense that chips were down now. Patrice Evra has had a torrid season. And he got his bearings all wrong for the first goal. Indecisive whether come infield or stick with his wide position, in the end he did neither. As for the second goal , He was the closest to Messi and I was wondering like other United fans , how come Messi has all the time in the world  to shoot and pick his spot. It was very disturbing indeed. There‘s no point in pointing fingers towards specific individuals. At United, we play as a team. We win as a team similarly we lose as a team as well. Some might say that United were just privileged to be a part of this spectacle. No, there was never a greater delusion than that. They are Manchester United players. They are destined to win every time they step onto a football pitch. It’s just that sometimes you just have to take your hats off for a performance like that and admit that the best team won.

On the other hand, you have the finest team of their generation none other than Barcelona. You could glorify this team all night long, still all the praises would not be enough. Talisman like Messi and to provide cool and calmness in the centre of the park , Xavi and Iniesta. Football games are won and lost in the centre of the park and possession of the ball is of essence in Football. All of these along with other Barcelona players hardly put a foot wrong in the final. Meanwhile, after the 2nd goal United players forgot how  to keep hold of the ball. Cheap giveaways and aimless hackings of the ball forward became frequent. Still, take nothing away from the Blaugranas. Messi , even at 23 he has the world at his feet and no one brings the fans to their feet , the way he does. And for Xavi and Iniesta , they virtually put the opposition out of contention with their inch perfect passing and their off the ball movement is second to none as well. To go with all of these, it’s the composure that goes with all their technical ability. Cool as ice even under pressure cooker scenarios.

On a whole, The Champions League final came just at the right time to show the whole world the bright side of the beautiful game. It has once again rejuvenated football fans all across the globe. Amidst all the corruption, bribery allegations and the struggle for power in the football‘s main governing body, this game might just provide the perfect remedy. They say Birth is more but breeding is much. Football sides from all across Europe should pay special attention on developing their academies just like Barcelona have done. Unlike Madrid, Barca has built their success rather than buying it. If you want to be the most successful team then you must built your team around a set of homegrown players. Not only you can save fortunes but there are no egos and you can mould them in the style you want them to play.
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