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Carlos Tevez says "bye bye" City... but where could he go?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

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Is it no surprise that Carlos Tevez is in the media again announcing that he wants to leave Manchester City? It was only some months back that the Argentinian came out stating his desire to move away from City.

But now it would seem that the number 32 is more likely than ever to leave, considering that he made the comments whilst on international duty with Argentina. It would seem obvious that during his time at the Copa America Tevez has come to realise that his home country is best for him. However, he wouldnt be the first player to use such an excuse to leave a club, only to move elsewhere in Europe at a later date - take the Adriano or Robinho saga.

If it so happens that Tevez does come to the realisation that his talent is best expressed in Europe, where would he move to?

Inter - Since their historic Treble win Inter Milan have failed to dominate Italian football, a lack of cohesion on the field as well as a number of players deciding to move. With Samuel Eto'o possibly moving to the EPL and Diego Milito looking more and more likely to leave the fashion capital, Tevez would prove a wonder signing. With Sneijder acting as a link up man and Courtinho developing into a standout midfielder, Inter may just prove to be the attacking force that they once were

Manchester United - After leaving the Devils in quite infatic fashion it would seem Tevez would not want to head back to Old Trafford... WRONG! When United came calling for the Argentinian after they had realised they had made a mistake in selling him, Tevez was quoted as saying "I would not rule out a move back to United". SAF may just been in the mood to replace Berbatov, who has been greatly underused. With Tevez back, United would seem unstoppable with Rooney upfront.

Real Madrid - Madrid are in for every player you could say, but with Adebayor leaving the club and Higuain heading the "rumoured to leave" columns, Tevez may just provide that stability upfront. Paired with Ronaldo and Benzema, Tevez would prove the perfect link up man. Madrid would finally have their own Argentinian to rival Messi, who, for so long, has caused the Galacticos so much pain.

Whether Tevez chooses to leave City or not will definitely be decided within the coming days. Although with a top four finish and the Champions League looming, one would wonder why he wants to so desperately leave. Maybe he actually wants to go back to Argentina?
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