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This weekend's the good, the bad, and the downright ugly!

Monday, September 19, 2011

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By Paul Frederickson
The weekend has come and gone and the results have been dissected, discussed and analysed by fans, pundits and players alike. Now for my take on the week's good, the bad and the downright ugly!

So many results around the world to choose from. This week we have a three-way tie. The newly promoted teams all won this weekend in the EPL. Norwich City beat Bolton 2-1 away. Swansea beat West Brom 3 nil at home and QPR beat Wolves 3 nil away. A great weekend for the newcomers and their adoring fans.

As tempted as I was to put Fernando Torres in the ugly section for his horrendous miss against Manchester United on the weekend he played so well for 45 minutes that it would not have been fair to him. Whilst he did score in the game it will be his miss when Chelsea trailed 3-1 that will be long remembered! He did make this week's 'bad' as a consolation prize!

Now I admit, this is a week late but it had to make the ugly column! Just over a year ago Division 1 club Bournemouth FC was on the brink of extinction and were financially saved by current owner Eddie Mitchell. After a successful 2009/10 season Mitchell started selling players to stem the cash flow problems of the club. This had not gone down well with the club's fan and the anger was beginning to simmer. This reached boiling point, when, in the lead up to a home game against Chesterfield, Mitchell addressed disgruntled fans on the fan forum: “If you don’t like it go and support Southampton.” What a way to garner fan support! The comment was compounded by a 3 nil away loss to Chesterfield at home. A game in which Mitchell decided to address the disappointed fans using the ground PA system after the home team loss.


What do you think, what are your weekend's 'The good, the bad and the downright ugly?'
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